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For all services we will arrange a convenient time for an initial, free, no obligation consultation.  At this point we will discuss what it is that you require and give some initial overall design & planting ideas and options, time-scale and approximate costs.  Wherever possible we like to take some digital photographs for reference and some approximate site measurements etc.

Unlike some competitors we like you to be able to assess costs from the outset. The following scale of charges will enable you to consider your budget and the type of approach you would like to take for your garden. You will be invoiced by post on completion of any work and payment -  by cheque, cash or through online banking - is to be made within 7 days of invoicing.  In projects where there are significant material costs,  a progress payment is required.  This is usually on completion of the groundwork and when the bulk of materials have been ordered and paid for.  This will be approximately 25% of the total budget.  In some larger projects, it may be necessary to agree staged payments to cover material cash flow.   All invoices are fully broken down for your convenience.

1.  One-off or ongoing garden maintenance and care - set charge of £120 per day based on an 8 hour day (pro rata for shorter periods with a minimum charge of £40).   Any materials would be additional,  but thee would only be used with the customer's knowledge and pre-agreement.  This includes all aspects of maintenance and care appropriate to the season - including lawns (cutting, scarifying, top-dressing, feeding and seeding as necessary),  pruning,  plant care (e.g. feeding, dividing and replanting of existing plants),  maintenance of existing hard landscaping etc.   After each session you will be invoiced and I provide a summary of work carried out and suggestions for future work/development/planting.

The aim is not to have just a neat and tidy garden,  but one in which the plants perform at their best. 

2.  Design service - £450.   After the initial, free consultation  I will  arrange to  visit to carry out accurate measurements of the site and full notes of existing features etc.   At this point it is helpful (but not essential) to have a rough idea of your budget for the garden as this will help me to design an achievable garden.  At this point I would require a deposit payment of £150. 

I will then prepare a ground plan and 3 draft  A3 plan designs  showing varied designs based on our discussions.  These are then brought back to you for presentation  and further discussion.     I  then go away and prepare a final design based on the discussions  - sometimes it may be that one design idea is close to ideal,  requiring some 'tweaking',  or it may be that we arrive at a fourth design based on elements from each draft.   At this point I request a second   payment of £150 .

I  then arrange a follow-up visit to present the final design.  I also supply a breakdown of how the garden is to be divided regarding key cost areas such as paving,  lawn,  beds,  paths etc.    This lets you know,  for example,  that Design 1 will require 40 square metres of paving and 20 square metres of paths. You can then estimate material costs - e.g. if you use a £2 cement slab for paving it would be £160,  but if you used £40 sandstone it would be £1,600.

You  then receive a final copy of the design in hand-drawn A3 format,  giving  full detail of materials to be used,  quantities etc.  The final payment of £150 is then payable.

During this process I am happy for you to give me pictures that you have seen etc. to build up an idea of what you want.  I also have my 'Ideas Files' which I bring with me which contain hundreds of pictures from a range of sources to help you visualise the type of garden you want if you are not sure - it could be a particular feature, type of plant,  style of planting,  or type of material.

All designs show indicative planting positions and sizes.  If you want a full,  deatiled planting scheme so that you can plant up yourself,  then this would be an additional charge depending on the scale of the planting - I have produced planting schemes for £500 - £11,000 planting budgets.

Designs can be produced for whole or part gardens.  I also design in such a way that you can (in most cases) carry out the build and plant aspects over a series of individual projects.  This can help spread costs and allows the garden to develop
over a period of time.

3.  We will readily turn the design into reality for you and carry out the whole project from clearance to final planting.   Planting can range from a few specimen plants to full planting, so a budget is agreed with you at the outset that matches our agreed design and planting scheme.  For example,  if you want large, specimen plants and shrubs for an 'instant' effect, a plant budget would have to reflect this.  We will advise in this process, but our general advice is a split between mature or specimen,  strong backbone and smaller plants - (e.g. 30/40/30 %).

Costings for this work vary from project to project and upon how many of us are required on site,  but as a guideline I charge   £350 for 3 of us on site.  Most projects for an average sized garden   can be completed in 6 -10 days.  Materials would be additional.
4.  Pre and post house sale or rental property make-overs - will depend on nature of each project, but charged as for 1 plus any additional planting and materials charge. As an indicator, most projects can be completed within 1 to 2.0 days plus £100 -£200 of materials.

5.  Planting and preparation for special events held in your garden - as for 1 plus £60 consultation & planning fee and any plants and materials.

6.  Show house garden design and planting - as above depending on individual projects & requirements.

8.  On site consultation & advice - charged at £20 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours).   If you are carrying out your own work I am happy to work with you on a consultative basis,  giving written follow-up and project guidance.

9.  Plant and other garden-related sourcing - charged at £120 per day pro rata (minimum half day).  I will source planting,  ornaments,  etc. for you and arrange delivery etc. at cost.  I am also happy to do this with the customer if you wanted to visit the nurseries etc. yourself.

10.  Gift service - as above plus any delivery or postal charges.