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Greenspace-designs can meet all your garden design, build, planting  and upkeep needs from small, intimate  courtyard areas to large acre-plus gardens.  We will design and/or build new gardens from scratch,  discover  and restore "lost" gardens or care for and develop existing gardens with regular or seasonal maintenance and care.

The desire and need people have for "Low maintenance" gardens does not have to be met with hard landscaping and a handful of plants.  With the right design, planting scheme and plant selection you can achieve a beautiful garden that is still low in maintenance,  and one that you can enjoy throughout the year.   The use of wood, decorative aggregates and more natural materials can still meet many of your hard landscaping needs, but is flexible enough to evolve with your garden and its plants.

What, how and how much?

Whichever service you need for your garden you can be assured of the best level of service whether you require a full garden from scratch or a one day maintenance visit.

For all services we will arrange a convenient time for an initial, free consultation.  At this point we will discuss what it is that you require,  the project overall and give some initial overall design & planting ideas and options, time-scale and approximate costs.

A portfolio of our work is always available and we also have an extensive range of books that we are happy to share with you to help you with ideas.

All our plants are planted in an appropriate planting mixture to ensure the best start in life and you are provided with a full plant list with basic care instructions on each plant as appropriate.

Services we offer include:

Planting and rejuvenating your garden:

This is especially useful if you have a garden that has become overgrown or is just looking tired,  and you want to refresh it without necessarily changing the overall design.  We will provide a planting only service whereby we will prune and clear existing plants to ensure they are at their best,  source, supply and put in new planting,  revitalise lawns,  tidy existing features etc.   Generally to ensure the garden is at its best  -  ideal for weddings or other events you may be planning in your garden.

Care & Maintenance:

We  are also happy to provide a regular or one-off care and maintenance service.   Our expertise lies in knowledge of plants and their care,  so you can be reassured that all our work will ensure that your garden is at its best.  For instance,  plants are pruned, not just 'cut back' ,  beds are fertilised and hand-weeded as required,  lawns fed and reseeded and plants divided and replanted where appropriate.

For an agreed materials budget we will also supply additional planting on an ongoing basis,  which is reviewed with you as the garden is cared for.   Either name the plants you want or allow us to choose for you.

Postal design-only service:

We can provide a personal design for your garden anywhere in the UK. Each design is based on consultation and information gained from the pack we send out to you. This will meet your personal requirements and is NOT an 'off-the-peg' design as provided by some designers.

On site consultation & advice:

Alan will spend any period of time with you (minimum 2 hours) to fully discuss and plan your garden with you, providing written notes and annotated photographs as follow-up.

Plant and other garden-related sourcing:

We can provide planting to your requirements that are suitable for your existing garden / design, or can plan a day of visits to local suppliers and nurseries with you and provide delivery.

Gift service:

We can provide any of the above as a gift service - ideal for weddings, house moves etc. - from individual plants to whole garden clearances. We can provide wedding present lists and source and supply for specific days etc.

Why choose Greenspace?

We are established professional specialists in planting, plant care and design.  We are  gardeners, not landscapers,  so you can be assured your garden will always look its best and that we know our azaleas from our escallonias.

We will  provide you with somewhere peaceful and beautiful in which to relax.  We will work with new gardens from scratch,  redesign and discover "lost" gardens or care for and help develop existing gardens.  Gardens are living and constantly changing, not just with the seasons and years,  but also with your own changing tastes and needs.  We will reflect that in our designs and plantings.

The majority of the plants we use are sourced from local Nurseries  and suppliers and are chosen for their quality and healthiness.  Using local Nurseries also means that your costs are kept down.  All plants are guaranteed for 3 months from planting (if care instructions have been followed) and if you don't like a particular plant we are more than happy to change it.

Wherever possible we recycle material and use organic planting and care methods to encourage and support wildlife.  We do not use insecticides or chemicals.